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Working with employers and employees to build an agile, productive and informed workplace


English at Work provides onsite job-specific English language training as well as cultural and essential skills to succeed and advance in the workplace. 


English at Work operates in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, childcare, IT, banking, education and the public sector.


English at Work is coordinated by Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE) and funded by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Enhanced English Skills for Employment

Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE)  is the home base for English at Work (EAW). EESE serves newcomers who wish to improve their Canadian English language skills and knowledge of Canadian workplace culture. We offer skill-specific courses: listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, and presentation. Our curricula have been developed in response to student needs and lead to streamlined integration and success in the workplace.

Our school is located on the 15th Floor of 275 Portage Avenue.

Students Typing at Their Computer

"In a relatively short amount of time, the learners made progress in some of their most frequent communication situations (asking for help, reporting a problem, giving/receiving instructions."
(Healthcare sector)

“The English at Work program helped the employees to gain confidence when speaking with other employees, and it encouraged them to use English as the language of communication among themselves. It opened the pathways of communication between coworkers and supervisors alike."
(Manufacturing sector)

Leather workshop
Packaging Factory

"The participants started to speak in English more often when communicating in the workplace and were able to communicate with coworkers and supervisors using the terminology of the workplace."
(Manufacturing sector)

Do you know what a foreign accent is?
It’s a sign of bravery.

Amy Chua

Carpenter at Work


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