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English at Work is a partnership which includes the employee and the employer. 
We all play a part to make this learning experience successful.



Your role is to attend classes in the spirit of a lifelong learner, with an outlook to learn and grow as a person and as an employee. By committing yourself fully to your English at Work classes, you will see results through improved communication skills, confidence and  job satisfaction.

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Your role is to encourage your employees to attend classes, ensuring their schedule allows them to leave their workstation on time. Your recognition of the value of English at Work classes will ensure your management team is supportive of the training.

Successful Work Team


The value of studying English right in the workplace is that there are resources and opportunities to make real life applications at every turn. Managers, supervisors and coworkers provide insight, encouragement and daily practice opportunities. This support promotes faster learning, builds strong teams and makes everyone more productive.

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EESE will provide an assessment of your and your employees' needs and develop English at Work training accordingly. They will  provide a suitable instructor for your workplace and apply quality assurance measures through class visits, ongoing support and progress reports. EESE's responsive training will be informed by the evolving needs of your workplace.

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