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English at Work (EAW) is a partnership which includes the employee and the employer. 
We all play a part to make this learning experience successful.


Your role is to attend classes with an outlook to learn and grow.  You bring the richness of your background and experience both in your workplace now and from your previous experience.


Your role is to encourage your employees to attend classes, ensuring their schedule allows them to leave workstation on time so that they can get the most of the class.  Your recognition of the value of English at Work classes will ensure your management team is supportive of the training.


The value of studying English at the workplace ensures newcomers are learning the language in the workplace context.  This will build teams and make everyone more productive.  Support and encouragement of team members promotes faster learning.


We'll do our homework and ensure a proper assessment of your employees' needs takes place in order to develop the English at Work training for your employees.  We'll provide the best teacher to suit your workplace.  We'll keep you updated as to progress and continue to assess employees' needs to develop the training responsive to your workplace.